Introducing the PRO-FITTER
CORGI Fenestration Installer Scheme

Pro-Fitter is proud to be an affiliated partner of CORGI Fenestration. CORGI Fenestration registration includes a Competent Person Scheme (CPS), provided by NAPIT

As a verified and certified Pro-Fitter Business Directory Member you can now obtain significantly reduced rates with the Pro-Fitter CORGI Fenestration Installer Program

Note: you must hold at-least one up to date Pro-fitter course rating and be a member of our ‘directory member’ service to benefit from this amazing opportunity..

A quick, clear one stop shop that will help you separate your business from your competitors.

Read more about the Pro-Fitter CORGI Fenestration installer scheme below and enquire to see how you can become part of this scheme now.


Cost effective and competitive

Our intent was to provide a scheme to recognise quality by bringing the most recognised consumer brand to the fenestration sector. As such the Profitter Corgi pricing is comparative to other schemes whilst offering additional benefits.

Online notification

Which is quick, easy and done just the once (no need to repeat the process for insurance purposes). Notify all the fenestration work within your registered scope with no need to worry if it is self-certifiable or not –building control notifications are arrange for you.

Financial protection

Government requires financial protection to be provided for works covered under building regulations compliance, replacement windows and doors, should your company cease to trade. It does not require this to be an insurance policy. CORGI Fenestration provides a Fenestration Compliance Guarantee, so there’s no need to purchase additional IBG’s. Saving time and money

Compliance certificate

In addition to the building regulations compliance certificate issued,  installers’ customers will also receive a CORGI Fenestration installation certificate detailing all the work undertaken under the scope of CORGI Fenestration. This will include any repairs or replacements carried out. Both will be delivered digitally, which results in a quicker service for the homeowner. Not only that but replacement certificates are available free of charge.

Excellent service & customer care

CORGI Fenestrations offers help, advice and support to its registered installers and represents their interests with government departments. Use of the CORGI Fenestration Quality Mark: Registered installers can show customers they are one of the best in the business. The CORGI name is recognised by 71% of consumers* – much higher recognition levels than for CPS operators and other membership schemes.

Rate Your Installation

A customer feedback scheme which includes an installer right of reply and for no extra cost. As well as enabling consumers to take informed decisions, Rate Your installation also allows installers to analyse the performance of their depots and teams as well as publicising their consumer ratings.

Notify other products

Because CORGI Fenestration covers more than just windows and doors. Homeowners selling their properties will have a record and evidence of all the fenestration work you have done for them– not just the limited scope of CPS.

Business Support

CORGI Fenestration registration includes a Competent Person Scheme (CPS), provided by NAPIT, but is not itself an authorised CPS. This allows us to offer additional support to our registered installers and to help them through the certification process. We have a selection of business support documents which our installers are welcome to use.

Skills card

The CORGI Fenestration Skills Card: this demonstrates you hold, or are working towards, a recognised vocational qualification which is listed on the Register of regulated Qualifications. Personal ID cards are issued and can be checked by your clients via the QR code.

Code of Conduct

All registered installers agree to abide by the CORGI Fenestration which covers selling techniques, environmental issues and customer service.

Policed scheme

we have a dedicated team making sure no-one can use the CORGI Fenestration name without being fully registered, protecting the position of other CORGI Fenestration installers.

Enhanced Credibility

Being a Pro-Fitter CORGI Fenestration Installer holds so much credibility within our industry and home owners recognise this service as being one of the countries best when considering a company to choose to complete their next home improvement.

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