Beginners Course

Looking to change your career? Or perhaps to gain a trade?

Would you like the ‘hands-on skills’ you need to find a well paid job in the double glazing industry?

Book onto our beginners course gain the key skills to begin your career in the double glazing industry as a Window / Door & Conservatory installer. Please note: Limited Availability.

Our comprehensive beginners course

Our beginners course provides comprehensive training for an all-inclusive price of £1,200. Spread over 5 days, this course is comprehensive and ideal for those looking to enter the fenestration industry with a good certification, or those looking to step across from another career.

We also have a range of courses for those who have intermediate through to advanced experience. The prices for these courses range from £420 - £1,200. They span one day, all of the way up to multiple days of high-quality instruction and certification.

Note: our course fees are all-inclusive with no hidden costs.

Hands-on training at a leading facility

Pro-Fitter was established after having recognised the shortage of qualified fitters available within the industry as well as listening to homeowners concerns about ‘how to prove’ the skill level of installers they invite into their homes.

This has driven us to provide hands on training at our bespoke, ‘one of a kind’ training facility in Pembrokeshire, South Wales to address the industry need and lack of quality training/certification courses available.

The double glazing industry needs more skilled installers. Could this be you?

There's currently an industry shortage of skilled window fitters.

Along with a push by the UK government to build an increasing number of houses, wages, employment prospects and work availability are very high and likely to remain the case for a long time to come as Fenestration companies are desperately looking for qualified fitters.

By the way: accredited window, door and conservatory fitters can earn upwards of £40,000 per year.


Pro-fitter is proud to be a GQA accredited and recognized training centre.

All candidates who pass their Pro-fitter assessment get their details added to the Pro-fitter database for employers and home owners to locate.

Becoming Pro-fitter certified, our candidates will also be added to the GQA database, given a certificate of achievement and also issued with a photo ID card that has a QR code. The QR code can be scanned and instant status of the Pro-fitter candidate can be seen by the person searching. This ensure validity of the candidate, their pro-fitter status and also whether their membership is current or expired.’

Mr. Rice - of NextGen

"The course is absolutely outstanding. It gives you a big insight how to fit properly, from professionals. Lou taught us and we couldn't have asked for a better trainer. Taught us the ins-and-outs of the roof. Couldn't recommend it enough. Get on the course it's definitely worth it!"

Mr Appleton - of Kimberlite

"I found the courses by searching on Google for 'Fenestration training' and found the facilities absolutely excellent. First class! Lou was absolutely brilliant and his product knowledge was second-to-none. Absolutely fantastic, I recommend to anybody."

The UK has a shortage of qualified and certified window, door and conservatory installers. Our bespoke training centre is the only one of its kind in the UK and is leading the way to produce certified and highly trained fitters into the industry.

Enquire now to begin your career and become a 'Pro-Fitter'.

Our Partners

Pro-Fitter is endorsed by some of the leading companies in the fenestration industry.

Pro-fitter is proud to be an affiliated partner of one of the fenestration industries leading ‘competent person schemes ’ – CORGI FENESTRATION

Once you are a verified & certified Pro-Fitter, you can then  obtain significantly reduced rates for your competent person scheme by registering through the Pro-Fitter Corgi Installer program. Note: you must hold at-least one current Pro-fitter course rating and be a member of our ‘directory member’ service.


Luke Smith - T&LKS Project Management Ltd

"We're really impressed with the training that we've received here for the past two days. We recommend it to anybody and we're pretty sure we'll be back for one of the other courses."

Ready to start your career in the double glazing industry?

Book onto our beginners course and take a giant leap into starting a new career today.


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