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This online course is currently being updated to reflect the latest Building Regulations and is not currently available to buy.

Upskill and become a certified Windows & Doors fitter

With qualified experienced installers earning anywhere from £24,000 – £40,000 per year, it's not surprising this is one of our most popular courses. The RATING E course is ideal for beginners and new starters to the industry. If you are good at hands on work and willing to learn then this course is a first class start to becoming a Window and Door Installer.

Over the shoulder training from a top industry professional

Lou Leka will be your instructor for this course. Having amassed over 20 years of experience across a full range of trades industries, Lou understands every technical layer. Lean on the hard-won experience Lou has won with this priceless training course.

James Edwards

"Just finished the ProFitters beginners course and it was very professionally done. I've been a carpenter since i was 15 but lots of little things i was doing wrong when it came to window and UPVC door fitting , so the course was incredibly helpful."

Jonathan Macculloch

"Lou is absolutely fantastic I have bought two of the training courses. I have also used the certificate wtih ProFitter in my pitch to customers which has given them even more confidence in my skills and wins me work every time."

Calvin Davies

"Big thanks to guys at ProFitter! Excellent course well presented by Lou. Very professional and could certainly do with more people like this in our industry. Many thanks was well worth it."

What you will learn through this course

A quick overview of the practical knowledge and techniques you will gain from enrolling in this course.

03 - Customer Points and Site Preparation.00_00_31_01.Still001

Onsite Checks

This section teaches you how to prepare your work site and what to look out for. Checking you have the correct materials before you begin work is vital and so you will be shown how to check your windows / doors are the correct size and have been measured correctly before removing old products. Key basics are taught to ensure you get off to a good start and begins from understanding paperwork right through to practical checks

04 - Deglazing and Frame Removal.00_12_53_05.Still002

Full Removal Techniques

Lou will demonstrate and teach you how to safely and cleanly remove old products such as timber, aluminium and upvc from a variety of different building materials, such as block-work, plaster/render/brick finishes. Safe and clean removal is a must when taking on your own projects in either the domestic or commercial market places.

03 - Customer Points and Site Preparation.00_01_39_06.Still002

Preparation and Installation

Lou will show you how to prepare your new window/door so that you can install them in the most efficient way. This section of the course will provide you with real skills to help you deliver first class installations every time. The instruction will help you to understand where to set your product prior to fixing, where to fix and how to fix, and finally where to seal and what to seal. As explained 95% of our training is hands on and we want you to gain the skills you need to succeed.

04 - Deglazing and Frame Removal.00_11_32_18.Still001

Glass Handling and Glazing

It is vital you know how to handle your double or triple glazed glass units so at Profitter we teach these important elements to ensure your site installations go as well as possible. Glazing your newly installed window/door frame is one of the most technique driven parts of your installation which include installation of window beads, window packers and unit direction. At ProFitter we have it covered every step of the way... you are in great hands.

10 - Trimming and Finishing.00_17_28_03.Still001

Completing Your Installation

This part of your training provides skills and understanding on how to ensure the installation is not only weather tight but also looks cosmetically pleasing. Dependant on the property you are installing a new window/door will depend on how to finish/complete an installation. There are a number of materials that define how to finish an installation, which include bricks/blocks, render/plaster, stone etc.

01 - Introduction.00_00_27_21.Still001

Assessment and Certificate

This will be at the end of your training and is designed to help assess your learning. You can gain your ProFitter certificate by passing a series of questions at the end of your course. You will have a limited number of attempts to retake and pass your course, so, it is wise to revisit the videos and make sure you understand all of the concepts before taking your assessment.

Course Curriculum

Offering around three hours of high quality and never seen before instruction, the ProFitter Beginners Course will help new to intermediate fitters gain the knowledge and awareness they need.

1. Getting Started

Course Introduction (0:36)
Products and Tools (2:23)

2. Preparation

Customer Points and Site Preparation (2:57)
Deglazing and Frame Removal (19:49)

3. New Product Installation

Introduction (10:15)
Window Frame Installation (20:32)
Door Installation (21:12)

4. Glazing

Window Glazing (6:14)
Door Glazing (18:55)

5. Finishing

Trimming and Finishing (50:29)

6. Bonus

Fitting a Composite Door (13:15)

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