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​Coming with nearly 35 years combined experience in the window, door and conservatory sector, the Pro-Fitter team of highly skilled representatives provide hands on training at our bespoke training facility. Pro-Fitter was established, having recognised the lack of industry specific courses that actually offer support, guidance and knowledge, led by people who ‘know what they are talking about’.

What separates us from other training providers?

Industry specific and subsequently provide more focus on the products and abilities required to become the best at what you do. Many certifications exist within our industry, however none offer bespoke training that allow people to learn in a controlled environment, whilst also being assessed in their competency levels. What is even more prominent is the diverse range of products within the Window, Door and Conservatory market. Here at Pro-Fitter, we don’t simply offer training on one product, we offer detailed training (both hands on and class room based) on a variety of products. Removal, replacement and finishing touches are all included.

At Pro-Fitter, we really do put our money where our mouth is and aim to provide some of the best training courses available, to suit ‘your’ needs. Whether you have years of industry experience or are a complete novice, we will cater for your every need and individual experience. It really doesn’t matter if you are just leaving school and deciding your career route...

or you have been in the industry for 30 years, we will make you feel at home, comfortable and above all give you the skills you need to make your career count! Courses are structured around your individual needs so you will be surrounded by people with the same skill level.

Window installer training

The pro-fitter team recognise the need for homeowners to have more confidence nowadays in not just the company they buy from but the installer who subsequently completes their project within their home and this is another reason why our courses exist. Choosing a pro-fitter can provide assurance that they have undergone our vigorous training and completed our assessments.

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Find the right course for your level of experience in fitting window, door and conservatory products.
Whatever your experience level there are courses and certifications to suit.


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