Why join the window and door industry and become a Pro-Fitter?

Most, if not all window, door and conservatory firms find it incredibly difficult to find ‘GOOD’ installers, when looking to recruit. Above all they have very little proof of ability due to lack of installer based assessments. Not to mention homeowners who will usually choose their preferred installation company based on one of four things:


With no official training to help assess potential candidates or businesses, when choosing it was very difficult to have proof of whom you are getting to either work for you or indeed complete your installation.

The window, door and conservatory industry is a thriving market with a variety of products and services to offer and have fantastic earning potentials if you are simply ‘good at what you do’.

Becoming a Pro-fitter separates you from your piers and competitors as well as providing home owners with the confidence in purchasing products from you.

First tier accreditation

Up until the launch of ‘pro-fitter’ becoming a window, door or conservatory fitter with no knowledge to begin with meant on the job training.

Most window fitters begin life as a labourer for some time and then begin to fit their own small projects which can take years, and at the lower spectrum of earning potential.

We are not suggesting you will become an expert over night and it will take time to master the art of fitting, however based on a novice related course structure to begin with we would then expect you to return for more training on other products after achieving the first tier accreditation and also gaining some experience in the field before up-skilling yourself further.

Make your mistakes in a controlled environment

The benefit of attending hands on training with pro-fitter is we are in a controlled environment where you make your mistakes and perfect your abilities over and over without being in a homeowners property. Perfect your skills before you enter a real life situation. Now is never a better time to secure your future and our courses will help you pave a path to a successful future. We look forward to seeing you soon.


‘Being a Profitter certified installer or Profitter registered business means you or one of your employees have carried out a Profitter course or been certification assessment.

Carrying Profitter registered status, adds credibility to both you and your company when either promoting your services to employers or to your customers if you are a business.’


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